First time in Turkey, produced by Silver Ion technology; reusable antimicrobial mask: ION SAFE GO

What are the features of “SAFE GO” masks produced with Silver ION technology?

Because of the silver ion feature of the fabric, it contains a high rate of 97-99% antimicrobial. Compared to medical and daily masks, it has 98.8% filtering power.

This mask is washable and it does not deform during the washing process. It can be used repeatedly for long hours and can be washed at 60 degrees.

When used continuously, it does not cause discomfort in the skin and sensory organs. Provides comfort around the ear and nose; Does not cause irritation.

It has no effect on the respiratory system and does not make it difficult to breathe, even in high effort conditions.

This mask has EN 14683: 2019 European Standard and also CE certificate.

Masks are in type-2 medical class.

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